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First Generation Minority Science Students Motivated by Prosocial Values

There are as many motives as there are undergraduates taking introductory science courses, but if you look closely at groups of freshmen science students such as those from underrepresented minority (URM) backgrounds, you can see striking motivational differences across and within these groups, shows a new survey of 249 freshmen by psychology researchers in California.

CSU CI: Soaring High As A Hispanic-Serving Institution (HSI)

Initiatives funded by CI's status as a Hispanic-Serving Institution support a growing body of underrepresented students who will soon become a dominant national workforce.

To understand what it can mean to attend a Hispanic-Serving Institution, one need look no further than the story of Katia Garcia Nava.

The daughter of migrant farmworkers, Nava spent her youth moving from school to school and working in the fields to support her family. Her attempts to attend college were repeatedly sidelined by financial and academic obstacles.

Microbiologist's Lifelong Dedication in the Classroom and Lab

When Barbara Kaiser officially retired from the Wishard [now Eskenazi Health] Department of Pathology in 2001, she was quickly convinced by her colleague DeAnna Fuller to take on a position as an adjunct faculty member teaching introductory Microbiology at IUPUI....Kaiser's career in clinical microbiology began in 1961 at Louisville General Hospital in the bacteriology department. Over her 55-year career she also researched with the Indiana University School of Medicine and learned from some of the great researchers in the field of microbiology.

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